Tanzohub is an exciting new platform that is changing the way people interact and participate in live events and performances. Through its innovative technology, Tanzohub takes live experiences to the next level and enables deeper connections between artists and audiences.

Tanzohub allows users to actively participate in live events via their smartphones and other devices. Unlike traditional live experiences where the audience is passive, Tanzohub makes events truly interactive and engaging.

Tanzohub uses advanced real-time video rendering technology to visually engage the audience in the event. When participants use their smartphone cameras, Tanzohub maps their video feeds to animated avatars, which are then projected onto large screens and blended into the live production in real time.

This creates a metaverse-like shared environment where remote participants can come together and interact with each other, with the artists and with the event itself. Tanzohub breaks the barrier between passive audience and active participation.

What is Tanzohub?

Tanzohub is project management software for creative teams and agencies. It offers task management, time tracking, invoicing, and reporting tools to help you organize projects, collaborate with your team, and get paid for the work you do.

Tanzohub allows you to create projects and assign tasks to specific team members. You can set due dates, priorities, and statuses for each task so everyone is on the same page about what needs to be done and when. Team members can comment on tasks, upload files, set reminders, and track work time to ensure deadlines are met and clients are billed correctly.

The time tracking tool records the hours spent by team members on each task and project. This data is entered into billing reports so you can easily bill time and costs to your clients. Reports provide detailed information on project budgets, costs, revenues and profits, giving you insights into the financial health of your company.

Tanzohub helps you to optimize your workflows by integrating with well-known business tools such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, and QuickBooks. For example, the Slack integration lets you create and comment on tasks directly in Slack without having to switch between platforms.

With customizable features like milestones, Gantt charts, and project templates, Tanzohub offers a comprehensive yet intuitive solution for creative project management. The software is available as a web app or mobile app for iOS and Android, so you and your team can stay up to date on your tasks, no matter where you work.

The vision behind Tanzohub

Tanzohub was founded with a vision to provide Tanzanian entrepreneurs and small businesses with a one-stop platform to connect with customers.

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The Need for Tanzohub

Small businesses form the backbone of the Tanzanian economy, accounting for more than 95% of all businesses in the country. However, many struggle to reach new customers and have limited access to resources. Tanzohub aims to address these challenges by providing a complete solution to Tanzanian SMEs.

With Tanzohub, entrepreneurs can easily create an online profile to promote their business and connect with more potential customers. Key features offered include:

Company Profiles:

Companies can create a profile to showcase their products/services, share photos, post updates, and promote special offers. Customers can then discover and connect with companies that interest them.

E-commerce platform:

Sellers have access to an online store to list items for sale, accept payments, and ship products directly to buyers. This allows them to reach customers across Tanzania that they may not otherwise have access to.

Resource Center:

Tanzohub provides training resources and best practices to help entrepreneurs improve their skills and grow their businesses. Topics range from online marketing, accounting, recruiting and more.

Affordable Services:

While other platforms charge high fees, Tanzohub aims to make its services accessible to everyone. Most features are offered for free or at very affordable prices. The aim is to strengthen as many SMEs as possible.

Tanzohub believes that by leveraging technology and community support, we can create economic opportunities and help small businesses in Tanzania thrive. Their platform makes it easier than ever for entrepreneurs to grow their brand, enter new markets and contribute to the growth of Tanzania’s digital economy.

Key features and benefits

Great features and benefits of Tanzohub include:


Immersive participation

With Tanzohub, participants are no longer just spectators. They become active participants directly immortalized in the live event. This creates a highly immersive and immersive experience where the audience influences the performance and energy of the event.

Social connection

Tanzohub allows participants to visually interact with each other through their animated avatars. This fosters a sense of community and social connection, allowing people to socialize as if they were actually together in person.

Gamification and rewards

Tanzohub applies gaming principles with features like points, badges and leaderboards to encourage participation. Participants can earn rewards and recognition for their efforts, making the experience more fun and exciting.

Data and analytics

The platform collects rich real-time data and analytics on participant participation and engagement. This provides event organizers with important information to optimize and improve both future live productions and the Tanzohub platform.

Accessibility across multiple platforms

Tanzohub is accessible on all devices, from smartphones to large format screens. This allows organizers to adapt to different event setups and provide full access to attendees from anywhere in the world.

Large-scale audience

Tanzohub allows events to visually engage audiences on a much larger scale than traditional live productions. This adds to the energy and buzz of events attended by thousands of attendees at a time.

Complete library

With Tanzohub, you can access a vast library of more than 5,000 book titles, podcasts, audiobooks, video tutorials, and other resources covering a variety of subjects like technology, finance, and marketing. To keep the library up to date, new content is added regularly. You can browse by category or search for specific topics that interest you.

Offline mode

The Tanzohub mobile app allows you to download selected books, audiobooks, podcasts and videos for offline access. This means you can continue learning on the go when no internet connection is available. Downloaded content syncs across all your devices so you can pick up where you left off.


The Tanzohub platform uses machine learning to provide personalized recommendations based on your viewing and listening history. Relevant books, courses, videos, podcasts, and other resources are suggested to help you discover new content that meets your interests and needs. You can also follow influencers and experts to get recommendations based on their thoughts.

This is How Tanzohub works

Tanzohub is an online platform that links companies seeking to hire talent for events, productions, or private lessons with professional dancers and dance studios. Here’s how the service works:

Create a profile

To get started, dancers and dance studios create a profile on Tanzohub showing their skills, experience, availability and rates. Profiles allow talent to showcase photos and videos of their work, share reviews from previous clients, indicate places they would like to travel, rate dance genres and skills, and set prices for different types of bookings.

Book of talents

Clients looking to hire dancers or teachers can search for profiles on Tanzohub and filter results by location, dance style, availability and budget. Once they have found the talent that meets their needs, customers can send a booking request through the platform specifying the event or service requested, including date, time, address, location and remuneration. Talents have the ability to accept or decline booking requests.

Payment and contract processing

When Talent accepts a booking request, Tanzohub negotiates a contract between the two parties defining the details of the agreement. Customers are required to pay the full amount upon signing the contract. Tanzohub will hold payment in escrow until after the event date or service period to ensure that both parties meet their obligations. If no issues are reported, Tanzohub will release payment to the Talent. If there is a problem during your booking, Tanzohub will work with both parties to resolve the situation before proceeding with payment.

Give your opinion

Once a booking is complete, Tanzohub solicits feedback from clients and talent to build a reputation and facilitate future connections. Clients can leave reviews on talent profiles describing their experiences, and talent can provide feedback on the client’s professionalism. Tanzohub creates a rating system for its users based on this data. Top talent and clients are prioritized in search results and booking requests.

Payment and contract management

When the Talent accepts a booking request, Tanzohub facilitates the execution of a contract between the two parties to determine the details of the agreement. The customer is obliged to pay the entire amount upon signing the contract. Tanzohub will hold payment in escrow until after the event date or end of service to ensure that both parties meet their obligations. If no issues are reported, Tanzohub will release payment to the Talent. If there is a problem with your reservation, Tanzohub will work with both parties to resolve the issue before payment is made.

Providing Feedback

Once booking is complete, Tanzohub solicits feedback from customers and talent to build reputation and help host future games. Customers can leave reviews on Talent Profiles describing their experiences, and Talents can provide feedback on the customer’s professionalism. Tanzohub creates a rating system for its users based on this data. Top talent and customers are prioritized in search results and booking requests.

Tanzohub’s goal is to build a trusted network of professional dancers and teachers, making it easier for customers to find and hire talent for their dance needs. By managing contracts, payments and reviews, Tanzohub provides members with peace of mind and peace of mind on both sides of the booking process.

The Benefits of using Tanzohub

Tanzohub offers numerous benefits to companies looking to streamline their HR and payroll processes.

Savings measures

By using Tanzohub you can significantly reduce your staff and payroll costs. The software automates many manual processes such as onboarding new employees, tracking employee information, and managing timesheets and payroll. This reduces the time HR staff spend on routine tasks so they can focus on more strategic initiatives.Tanzohub’s cloud-based solution also removes the requirement for costly on-premise hardware and software purchases and upkeep.

Increased productivity

Tanzohub makes it easy for employees to fill out and submit HR forms and for managers to review and approve requests. The employee self-service portal allows employees to quickly submit leave requests, update their personal information, and view pay stubs. Managers can then easily approve or reject requests from a central location. This streamlined process reduces confusion and back-and-forth, allowing your team to be more productive.

Greater data security

Tanzohub safeguards your private payroll and HR information with cutting-edge security measures. Employee information is encrypted and stored in secure data centers with limited access. Tanzohub also has robust user authentication, firewall, data encryption and redundancy measures throughout the system. Your data is backed up daily and replicated across multiple locations to prevent data loss.

Regulatory conformity

Tanzohub ensures your business complies with labor regulations such as the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The software provides tools to properly classify employees, calculate overtime pay, track health insurance coverage, and more. Tanzohub also regularly updates its system to reflect changes in state and federal labor laws. By using Tanzohub, you can lower your risk of non-compliance leading to expensive fines and lawsuits.

In summary, Tanzohub offers a range of benefits that help reduce costs, increase productivity, improve security and ensure compliance. The platform is a comprehensive solution for managing the key HR and payroll functions of your business.

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Tanzohub Use cases

Tanzohub is a versatile collaboration tool with many use cases for personal and professional productivity.


Project management

Tanzohub offers robust project management features to help you organize tasks, delegate work, set deadlines, and track progress. You can create projects, add team members, break projects into actionable tasks, assign due dates, and track time spent on each task. Team members can comment on tasks, upload files and tag other users. The Project Dashboard gives you an overview of all your active projects so you can ensure everything is running smoothly and on time.

Team communication

For effective team communication, Tanzohub offers chat, video calling and screen sharing features. Create public or private chat channels for different teams, projects or discussion topics. Voice or video calls with multiple team members at the same time to enable quick collaboration. During a call, you can share your screen to review documents, presentations, or other work. All chats and calls are archived so you can refer back to the discussions when needed.

Data exchange

Sharing and accessing files with your team is simple with Tanzohub. You can upload files by project or topic and organize them into folders. Set permissions to control which users can view, edit, or download each file. File versioning allows you to revert to previous versions if necessary. Tanzohub’s powerful search feature helps you quickly find files, discussions, tasks or other content. You can also sync your Tanzohub files to your local computer so your latest work is available offline.


Tanzohub offers integrations with many popular business tools such as Gmail, Slack, GitHub, Trello, etc. These integrations allow you to connect related tools and automate certain workflows. For instance, you can configure an integration to push commits from GitHub to Tanzohub or automatically create Trello cards from new tasks on Tanzohub. Integrations increase productivity by unifying collaboration and work management tools.

With features for project management, team communication, file sharing, and integrations, Tanzohub can promote both personal productivity and professional collaboration. Intuitive yet robust, the platform helps individuals and organizations achieve more together.

Getting started with Tanzohub

Getting started with Tanzohub is easy. To start using this innovative project management platform, simply follow these steps:

Create an account

Go to Tanzohub.com and click “Register” to create your free account.

Enter your email address and password to set up your login information. Make sure you use a strong password that you can remember.

Provide some basic information such as name, company and role. This helps Tanzohub personalize the experience for you.

Explore the user interface

Tanzohub’s intuitive interface is designed to be efficient and user-friendly. Familiarize yourself with the layout, including:


The home screen with an overview of projects, tasks, updates and notifications. Stay updated on everything from here.


Create projects, add tasks, collaborate with teammates, and track progress.


Assign and schedule individual tasks within each project. Set due dates, add comments or attachments, and mark tasks as completed.


Add colleagues, customers or external collaborators and grant them access to specific projects and tasks. Simplify collaboration and accountability.


Create real-time reports on project status, budget, deadlines, workload and more. Make data-driven decisions to optimize productivity.

Integration with other tools

To maximize the benefits of Tanzohub, integrate it with other software you use, such as:

Slack for seamless communication and messaging with your teams.

Google Drive or Dropbox to attach files and documents directly to tasks.

Time tracking tools like Harvest to record hours worked on Tanzohub tasks.

Accounting software like QuickBooks to keep project budgets and expenses in sync.

Tanzohub has all you need to improve project management and teamwork, including an easy-to-use interface, powerful features, and smooth integrations. Sign up today to improve your productivity and efficiency.

Tanzohub integrations and partners

Tanzohub offers numerous integrations and partnerships to help companies leverage their data and insights. Key integrations available include:


Tanzohub integrates with Zapier so you can connect Tanzohub to over 1,000 other business applications. This makes it easy to automatically trigger actions in other systems based on Tanzohub events. For example, you can create a Zap to automatically create a new contact in your CRM when a new lead is created in Tanzohub.


Webhooks allow you to receive real-time event data from Tanzohub into your application or service. When events occur in Tanzohub, such as the creation of a new lead or the completion of a task, Tanzohub can send an HTTP request with details about the event to a URL of your choice. You can then process or respond to these events in your system.


Tanzohub provides a comprehensive REST API for programmatically accessing all data and resources in your Tanzohub account. The Tanzohub API uses OAuth for authentication and can be used to build custom integrations and applications on the Tanzohub platform.

Technology partner

Tanzohub partners with several technology companies to provide added value to customers. These collaborations consist of, but are not restricted to:

Slack – Tanzohub integrates with Slack to provide notifications and enable interaction with Tanzohub data directly in Slack.

G Suite: Tanzohub can sync contacts, events, files, and more with G Suite by integrating with Gmail, Google Calendar, Drive, and other G Suite tools.

Office 365 – Similar to G Suite, Tanzohub integrates with Outlook, OneDrive, OneNote and other Office 365 services.

Many other partners including Salesforce, HubSpot, Intercom and more.

With a range of robust integrations, partnerships and APIs, Tanzohub offers numerous opportunities to extend functionality and connect data from your Tanzohub account to other systems and business processes. These integrations help break down data silos, increase efficiency, and enable a seamless workflow across all tools.

Frequently asked questions about Tanzohub

A new social media site dedicated to dance is called Tanzohub. As with any new platform, you probably have questions about how it works and what it offers. Here you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Tanzohub.

Which kinds of dance content am I allowed to post on Tanzohub?

On Tanzohub, you can share any kind of dance content, including

Short dance videos (up to 3 minutes)

Dance tutorial

Dance challenges

Behind the scenes footage

Interviews with dancers

Dance photography

Dance blog post

Tanzohub supports content from all dance genres like hip hop, ballet, salsa, Bollywood, etc.

How do I build an audience on Tanzohub?

The best way to grow your audience on Tanzohub is to regularly publish high-quality, engaging dance content. You should also:

Use relevant hashtags to make your content more visible

Interact with other dancers by liking and commenting on their posts

Collaborate with other dancers by appearing in each other’s videos or creating dance challenges together

Promote your Tanzohub profile on other social media platforms to increase traffic

Over time, as you become more active in the Tanzohub community, your audience and followers will grow.

How to make money with Tanzohub?

There are several ways to monetize your Tanzohub profile:

Tanzohub Affiliate Program:

Once you reach over 5,000 subscribers, you can apply for the Tanzohub Affiliate Program. If you are accepted, you will receive a share of the revenue from the ads displayed on your profile.

Sponsored Posts:

Brands and dance companies can sponsor your posts and stories to promote their products or services to your followers. You can negotiate prices for sponsored content.

Dance Tutorials:

You can charge users for access to your exclusive dance tutorial content on Tanzohub. Tanzohub allows creators to enable paywalls for certain content.

Branded Items:

If you have a loyal customer base, you can sell your own line of branded items such as t-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, etc. Promote your products to your subscribers on Tanzohub.

Does Tanzohub have an app? Yes, Tanzohub offers mobile apps for iOS and Android so you can stay up to date with the dance community wherever you are. With the Tanzohub app you can:

Download and watch short dance videos

Live streaming dance videos from your phone

Share photos of dance events you attend

Connect with other dancers through likes, comments and direct messages

Get notified when other dancers you follow post new content

And more!


This is a complete overview of Tanzohub and everything it offers. As you can see, the platform offers a complete solution for managing your dance studio business. From scheduling courses and student registrations to marketing your programs and processing payments, Tanzohub aims to simplify and streamline all your administrative tasks so you can focus on teaching. While the feature set may seem overwhelming at first, the intuitive interface and helpful support resources will have you up and running in no time. If you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to bring your dance studio into the 21st century, Tanzohub should be at the top of your list. Enroll in a complimentary trial now to discover how it can transform your company. The future of dance education is here: don’t be left behind.

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