Crucialidade: The Skill of Concentrating on What Is Most Important


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Have you ever experienced feelings of being overloaded with choices, information, and distractions in your life? Have you ever wondered how to focus on the things that are truly important to you? If so, you might find it useful to understand the idea of Crucialidade.

The Portuguese word crucialidade means “criticality” or “the quality of being essential”. It’s a philosophy that pushes us to examine everything we do with extreme criticality and to determine what matters most in life. Through the application of Crucialidade, we can live more purposefully, resolutely, and joyfully.

Why is Crucialidade important, and what does it mean?

The Meaning of Crucialidade and Its History

The term “crucialidade” was first used by Olavo de Carvalho, a philosopher from Brazil. He defined it as “the art of distinguishing the essential from the accidental.” He believes that the decisive element is not only a talent but also a way of life that necessitates ongoing awareness of oneself.

The foundation of crucialidade is the notion that, while everything in our lives has some significance or meaning, not everything is equally significant. Certain things are vital, meaning they are required for our survival, well-being, or satisfaction. Other things can be helpful, enjoyable, or innocuous, but they are random, meaning they are not necessary.

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Unlocking the Power: The Benefits of Practicing Crucialidade

In the hustle and bustle of life, where information bombards us, choices overwhelm us, and distractions tug at our focus, finding a way to cut through the noise becomes crucial. Enter “Crucialidade,” a Portuguese term meaning “criticality” or “the quality of being essential.” The practice of crucialidade isn’t just a linguistic curiosity; it’s a powerful philosophy that can revolutionize the way we live. Let’s delve into the extensive benefits that come with embracing this concept.

Clarity – A Clear Path Amidst the Chaos:


One of the primary advantages of practicing crucialidade is the clarity it brings to our lives. By honing in on what is truly essential to us, we gain a crystal-clear vision of our goals, values, and overall purpose in life. This clarity acts as a guiding light, helping us navigate through the labyrinth of choices and information. With a focused mind, confusion, doubt, and indecision take a back seat, allowing us to stride confidently toward our objectives.

Simplicity – Less Clutter, More Life:

Crucialidade prompts us to identify and eliminate what is detrimental or unnecessary in our lives. The result? Simplicity. We simplify our lives by shedding unnecessary baggage, and reducing stress, clutter, and waste. It’s like decluttering not just our physical space but also our mental space. This simplification opens up more room – physically, mentally, and emotionally – for what truly matters. With less noise, we can hear the symphony of our lives more clearly.

Effectiveness – Doing More with Less:

Prioritizing what is essential is a game-changer for our effectiveness. The practice of crucialidade allows us to focus on what truly matters, boosting productivity, performance, and quality. It’s about working smarter, not harder. By investing our time and energy where it counts the most, we can achieve more with less effort and resources. It’s the art of efficiency, streamlining our actions for maximum impact.

Fulfillment – A Richer, More Meaningful Life:

Ultimately, crucial date leads us to fulfillment. Pursuing what is essential to us provides a deeper sense of satisfaction, happiness, and meaning in our lives. It’s about aligning our actions with our core values and desires. When we live in sync with what truly matters, we contribute more value to ourselves and others. Fulfillment becomes a continuous journey rather than a distant destination, as we derive joy from the pursuit of what we hold dear.

In conclusion, the benefits of practicing crucialidade extend far beyond a mere philosophy. It’s a transformative approach that brings clarity to our vision, simplicity to our lives, effectiveness to our actions, and fulfillment to our existence. As we navigate the complexities of the modern world, embracing crucialidade becomes not just an option but a powerful tool for crafting a life that is intentional, purposeful, and deeply satisfying.

The Difficulties of Adopting Crucialidade

Not everyone can embrace crucialidade with ease. It calls for bravery, self-control, and dedication. Among the difficulties we could encounter are:


When we attempt to alter our routines, habits, or lifestyles, we may run into resistance from others or ourselves. Those who disagree with our vision or ideals may also criticize, reject, or oppose us.


The allure of unintentional or harmful things that promise comfort, pleasure, or instant gratification may tempt us. The information, entertainment, and noise in our immediate environment could also divert us.


We might not always be able to determine what is necessary or how to get there. Additionally, we might encounter unforeseen opportunities, difficulties, or changes that call for us to adapt or rethink our choices

How to Use Crucialidade in Various Life Aspects

Any area of our lives, including business, education, personal growth, and well-being, can benefit from the application of crucialidade. Here are a few instances of how to achieve that:

Vitality in Business and Profession

It can assist us in achieving success and excellence in the business world. Here are a few examples of how to use it in your career and business.

Finding and Following Your Main Goal

Your primary motivation for acting is your core purpose. It is the result that guides your choices and actions. It is also where your motivation and enthusiasm come from.

You can ask yourself questions like the following to determine your core purpose:

  • What is the issue I want to resolve or the benefit I want to bring about?
  • What kind of influence do I want to have—on the world, on other people, or myself?
  • What kind of legacy do I hope to leave?

You can align your vision, mission, and values with your core purpose to pursue it.  can also express it to yourself and other people clearly and consistently. Additionally, you can compare your outcomes and progress with them.

Making Astute and Well-Considering Choices

The choices we make to accomplish our objectives are called decisions. They are also the elements that dictate our results and repercussions. Making wise and calculated decisions is therefore essential to success. Top of Form

You can utilize frameworks like these to help you make strategic and astute decisions:

According to the Pareto Principle, 20% of the causes account for 80% of the outcomes. It assists us in determining and concentrating on the most significant or impactful elements in any given circumstance.

The Matrix of Eisenhower: We can prioritize our tasks using this matrix by sorting them according to importance and urgency. It assists us in making decisions about what to do first, what to do later, what to assign, and what to cut out.

The SWOT analysis is a useful tool for assessing a project’s, plan’s, or situation’s advantages, disadvantages, opportunities, and threats. It assists us in determining the benefits, drawbacks, dangers, and possibilities of any choice. 

Dealing with Tough Times: How to Face Problems and Unknowns

Sometimes, we face tricky situations that can be tough to handle. We call these situations “crises” when they make things super hard for us, like threatening our safety, stability, or how others see us. Then there are “uncertainties” when things get confusing or complicated, and we don’t know what’s going to happen next. Both can be a bit tricky to deal with, but we have some strategies to help us out:

  1. Scenario Planning: Picture the Future

Ever tried to imagine what might happen in the future? That’s what we do with scenario planning. We think about different possibilities and get ready for different outcomes. It’s like having a plan for different adventures—you want to be prepared for anything!

  1. Risk Management: Protecting Our Goals

Imagine you’re playing a game, and you want to make sure nothing bad happens. That’s where risk management comes in. We look out for anything that might go wrong, figure out how bad it could be, and try to stop it or make it less bad. It’s like wearing armor to protect ourselves from surprises.

  1. Crisis Communication: Talking Things Out

When things get tough, talking to others is super important. Crisis communication is like having a big talk with the people around us when something hard is happening. We want to be honest and clear so that everyone understands what’s going on. It’s like being a good friend and maintaining trust, even when things are a bit tricky.

Learning Superpowers: How Crucialidade Helps Us in School

In the world of learning and school, there’s this cool thing called Crucialidade that acts like a superhero, helping us get the most important and awesome knowledge and skills. Here’s how we use Crucialidade in education:

  1. Focusing on the Important Stuff:


Crucialidade helps us look at all the things we can learn and pick out the super important ones. These are like the superhero skills we need for growing up and doing cool things. It’s not just about any knowledge; it’s about the good stuff.

  1. Essential Skills and Knowledge: Our Learning Superpowers:

Think of essential skills and knowledge as our learning superpowers. These are the things we need to become super smart and do amazing things in the future. Crucialidade helps us find these skills and knowledge by using special methods:

  • Bloom’s Taxonomy:

    This is like a secret code that helps teachers plan fun activities to make our brains super strong. It’s about thinking in different ways and becoming mega-smart.

  • The Feynman Technique:

    Imagine you’re a teacher, and you have to explain something super hard in simple words. That’s what this technique is about. It’s like practicing to be a teaching superhero and making sure we understand things.

  • The Spaced Repetition:

    This one is like a special memory booster. We learn something, then wait a bit, and learn it again. It’s like doing exercises for our brains to remember things for a long, long time.

So, thanks to Crucialidade, we get to focus on the coolest and most important things in school. It’s like having a guide that helps us become learning superheroes!

Growing Smarter and Staying Curious: Easy Tips for You!

Have you ever wondered how to become even more awesome and curious? Well, there are two cool things called a “growth mindset” and a “curious attitude,” and here’s how you can make them part of your superpowers:

  1. Growing with a Growth Mindset:

A growth mindset is like having a superhero belief! It says, “Hey, I can get better at things if I try hard and learn from what I do.” It’s like being a learning superhero! To get this cool mindset, you can try:

  • Setting SMART Goals:

    These goals are super special. They’re like treasure maps that help you plan and see how much you’ve learned.

  • Seeking feedback and improvement:

    Feedback is like having a superhero coach. They tell you what you’re great at and where you can do even better. It’s like having a personal guide to becoming even more fantastic!

  1. Staying Curious with a Curious Attitude:

Being curious is like being a detective of knowledge. You want to learn new things and explore the mysteries of the world! Here’s how to keep that curious spirit alive:

  • Asking Questions:

    Questions are like magic spells that make you understand things better. Ask lots of them!

  • Exploring Answers:

    Answers are the treasures you find when you’re on a quest for knowledge. They help you become a wise explorer!

So, if you want to be a super learner and a curious adventurer, just remember these easy tips. They’ll help you grow smarter and stay curious every day!

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 Setting and Reaching Awesome Goals

Hey there, fantastic learner! Ever thought about the awesome things you want to achieve in life? Those things are called goals, and they show how well you’re doing and growing.

  1. Making Cool Goals:

Goals are like your wishes coming true! To make them super cool, you can use these special criteria:

  • SMART Criteria:

    Imagine your goals are like treasure maps. SMART goals make those maps extra special. They’re Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. These criteria help you plan, track, and see how well you’re doing on your amazing journey.

  • WHY Criteria:

    WHY goals are like goals with a big heart. They match your core purpose, what you value, and what makes you super excited. These goals are like your own personal adventures that are full of meaning and joy.

  1. Reaching Your Super Goals:

Now that you have your cool goals, how do you reach them? Easy! Try these strategies:

  • Action Plan:

    Think of an action plan like a superhero plan. It’s like a detailed map that shows you the steps, resources, and when you’ll reach your goal. With an action plan, you’ll be organized, do things right, and reach your goal like a superhero on a mission!

  • Accountability System:

    An accountability system is like having a superhero partner. You tell someone your goal, show them your progress, and get feedback. This system keeps you focused, excited, and responsible for your awesome actions.

So, if you want to be a goal-setting superhero, remember these tips. Make your goals super cool with SMART and WHY criteria. Then, reach them with your superhero action plan and accountability system. Get ready for your amazing journey!

Being Mindful and Thankful: Easy Tips for You!

Hey there, amazing friend! Did you know there are super cool things called mindfulness and gratitude that can make your days even more awesome? Let’s dive into some easy tips to practice them!

  1. Mindfulness Magic:

Mindfulness is like having a magical power to pay attention to what’s happening right now. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Meditation:

    Imagine taking a little vacation for your mind. Meditation is like that – you focus on one thing and let all the busy thoughts take a break. It’s like a quiet superhero moment for your brain!

  • Breathing:

    Breathing is like a superhero movie for calming down. You take slow, deep breaths, and it helps you feel relaxed and full of energy. It’s like a magical recharge for your whole self!

  • Journaling:

    Journaling is like having a secret friend in your notebook. You write down your thoughts and feelings, and it helps you understand yourself better. It’s like a conversation with your superhero self!

  1. Gratitude Power:

Gratitude is like having a superpower that makes you feel happy and thankful. Here’s how you can use it:

  • Listing:

    Grab your superhero list and write down or say out loud the things you’re thankful for. It’s like making a list of all the awesome stuff in your life that makes you smile!

  • Thanking:

    Thanking is like being a superhero who appreciates others. Saying “thank you” is polite when someone does something nice. It’s like spreading kindness and making your superhero bonds even stronger!

  • Giving:

    Giving is like sharing your superhero treasures. You share what you have or do something nice for someone who needs it. It’s like being a superhero who cares about others!


The philosophy of crucialidade shows us how to concentrate on the things that are most important in life. It makes everything we do easier, simpler, more successful, and more fulfilling. It also supports us in overcoming obstacles like uncertainty, temptation, and resistance.

Any area of our lives, including business, education, personal growth, and well-being, can benefit from the application of crucialidade. We can live more intentionally, purposefully, and joyfully by discovering and pursuing our core purpose, making wise and strategic decisions, handling crises and uncertainties, concentrating on the necessary knowledge and skills, and cultivating a growth mindset and a curious. 


Q: How can I check my crucialidade level?

A: You can check your level by using tools like the Essentialism Assessment or the Crucialidade Scale. These tools help see how well you focus on important things and how to make your crucialidade even better.

Q: How can I keep things balanced and flexible?

A: To keep things balanced and flexible, stay open to new info and ideas. Be ready for changes in how you see important stuff or how to get it. Also, be okay with different situations and be ready to try new ways to solve things.

Q: How can I do crucialidade with friends?

A: Doing crucialidade with friends means telling them clearly about your main goals and what matters to you. Listen to what matters to them too. Work together with friends who share your vision or help your mission.

Q: What if crucialidade makes things not so good?

A: If crucialidade has some not-so-good effects, be aware of them. It might mean missing other chances or ignoring parts of your life. It could also make others feel left out if they don’t agree. To fix this, balance your crucialidade with other cool stuff like diversity, harmony, and fun.

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